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  • Realization of cultural exchanges, creation of conditions for establishing creative contacts and cooperation between choirs from different countries, bringing the audience to the cultural values of the choral art;
  • Promotion of the creative work of the great Bulgarian composer Petko Staynov and other Bulgarian composers with a significant contribution to the development of the Bulgarian musical culture;
  • Enrichment and diversification of the choirs' repertoire through the exchange of knowledge and experience coming from various national choir traditions.



  1. The International Choir Festival „Petko Staynov“  is held every two years. The number of the participating choirs is limited to 8 (children and youth choirs benefit from a preference). The participating choirs are selected by the Organizing committee of the Festival. The candidates are infor;ed about its decision in due time .
  2. The Festival is not a competitive event and the there is no limit to the number of the choir members. 
  3. Each choir presents a program of up to 20 minutes, presenting the national culture of the respective choir.
  4. The choir's performence can be accompagned by piano (provided by the organizers), or by an other instrument, which should be rovided by the participants. 
  5. The program of the Festival will include creative workshops, where choral works by Petko Staynov will be studied. These works will be performed at the end of each festival concert by the respective choirs involved.


  1. All the costs related to the organization and the promotion of the Festil are covered by the organizers. The participation to the Festival does not imply the payment of any fee.
  2. Each choir will receive a diploma for participation and gifts. 
  3. All transportation, accommodation, living and insurance costs shall be borne by the participants.
  4. Those choir members and  accompanying persons who wish are given the opportunity to visit museums at preferential conditions.
  5. Group leaders are responsible for the members of their teams.
  6. Participants are responsible for their costumes, requisites and personal belongings.
  7. The organizers reserve the right to any kind of documenting, broadcasting and editing of the Festival, as well as the right to change the status.

All the applications should be submitted through the present website.

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