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PRO ARS chamber choir, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

“Pro Ars” mixed chamber choir was founded in 2011 by Sasho Tatarchevski, it`s artistic leader and conductor. Since the first concert, it became evident that the choir brings a whole different level of artistry to the choral scene. Every concert brought a completely new programming, without putting any limit on style or complexity of the music. The choir was immediately noticed by all the factors connected to the music scene in Macedonia, and it received a lot of invitations for performances of different kinds of music. Thanks to the versatility and mobility, the choir made a lot of first performances of new compositions, as well as older ones that were never or rarely performed before. In collaboration with the composers association, a workshop was organized where young composers could work on their ideas on live sessions with the choir, receiving suggestions from the maestro and the singers.




“Pro Ars” is the de facto resident choir at the FAMES recording studio in Skopje, doing music for high budget international motion pictures, educational and TV programs. Also, the choir is a regular participant to all the professional events in Macedonia like the famous Ohrid summer festival or the “Days of Macedonian music” festival. The next challenge for the choir is wider international affirmation, which started in 2016 with the participation on respectable festivals in Thessaloniki and Sofia and continued in 2017 with two concerts in Vienna.




The members of the choir are young and vocally educated individuals, prepared to answer to all demands of the choral music literature.




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