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Folklore choir ELITSA, Sofia, Bulgaria

ELITSA Folkloric Choir was founded in 1988 with the aim to search, promote and transmit the Bulgarian folk songs to the generations. Currently ELITSA choir is made-up of 17 singers of different ages. Often the ensemble attracts musicians and dancers.




The repertoire of the choir is rich and various. It includes authentic folklore from different folklore regions, Old Bulgarian chants and original arrangements by the Bulgarian composers - Filip Kutev, Nikolay Kaufman, Krasimir Kyurkchiyski, Peter Liondev and others.




The choir is an ambassador of the native folklore beauty within the country and abroad. Each new performance remains unforgettable in the hearts of the listeners. ELITSA has taken part in various competitions, festivals and music feasts in Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, the Netherlands and others. The choir has received numerous awards for their performances.




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